Lionfish Invasion

GCFI has been engaged in the research and management of the invasive Pacific Lionfish through a number of activities.   These have included

  1. Hosting the NOAA web portal dedicated to the emerging lionfish issue
  2. Publishing the NOAA Lionfish Management and Control manual in three languages in as an e-book [Eng] [Esp] [Fr], pdf  version [Eng] [Esp] [Fr], and mobile version [Eng] [Esp] [Fr].
  3. Hosting special symposia, workshops, and sessions dedicated to lionfish research, management, and control at the annual GCFI conferences
  4. Facilitating the special lionfish publication in Marine Ecology Progress Series dedicated to the lionfish invasion

Sargassum Influx

GCFI has hosted special sessions and symposia dedicated to the Sargassum influx in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.  Additionally, GCFI has published a Sargassum Factsheet on the influx in the Caribbean and what to do about it.