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Your GCFI Membership

The Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute reinstated its annual membership dues in 2013. Your membership extends between sequential GCFI annual Institutes (November 1 – October 31). IMPORTANT – Registration for the GCFI conference no longer includes an annual membership; you will need to become a GCFI Member before registering for the conference if you wish to receive the conference membership rates.

If you are unable to attend the GCFI meeting, you may now pay your dues online and your membership will be in effect from time of payment until the beginning of the next Institute.

Why Become a Member of GCFI?

In 2017, GCFI began a partnership with the University of Southern Mississippi which allows all members in good standing of GCFI free access to the peer-reviewed journal Gulf and Caribbean Research (GCR).

Also, as a GCFI member, you will receive a Membership Card and the Proceedings of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute published during the year of your membership in a searchable CD format. A certificate of your annual membership also is available upon request. In addition… YOUR GCFI MEMBERSHIP SUPPORTS

  • The programs of GCFI including CaMPAM, the Fishers for Fishers Initiative (F4F),the Education Initiative, GCFI’s marine debris activities
  • Production of the Program, Book of Abstracts, and simultaneous language interpretation at the annual Institutes
  • Proceedings of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (CD, and other electronic format)
  • Peer-reviewed publication in the Gulf and Caribbean Research published by the University of Southern Mississippi
  • Allowing unrestricted access to the GCFI Proceedings archives
  • GCFI-sponsored special projects and programs
  • Recognition and networking among peers in the marine science community at annual Institutes
  • Active information exchange through GCFI e-mail lists and website
  • Planning, development, and implementation of special topic workshops (Fishers Summit, CaMPAM)

Membership Plans


Corporate memberships are also available. Please contact GCFI Memberships

We look forward to your continuing support of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute as an active participant at the annual Institutes and through your membership. If you have any questions regarding membership or other GCFI activities, feel free to contact GCFI Memberships