Jerry Corsaut began his association with GCFI in 1998 at the 51st GCFI conference  in St. Croix, USVI, and has been an active member every year since. Jerry devoted much of his scientific career to studying invertebrate aquaculture (e.g., scallops, conch, spiny lobster) and field technical work on habitat monitoring and restoration in Florida and the Caribbean.

Jerry is a talented and skilled photographer who early on stepped up to be the GCFI designated photographer documenting thoroughly the GCFI technical sessions, special addresses and ceremonies, social events and field trips. Jerry has provided most of the images displayed in the “Official Outcomes” chapter of the annual GCFI Proceedings. A very enjoyable, and often surprisingly critical contribution, by Jerry to GCFI over the years is renting a car for the entire week of the conference– an often treacherous donation for the GCFI family. Errands requested by the GCFI Board, field trips to fishing communities, and other special requests from attendees have been happily fulfilled.

One of Jerry’s most “visible” contributions to the GCFI meeting is the construction of the “timing conch” that lets speakers and moderators know when oral presentation times are up. Jerry’s “conch expertise” is called upon annually to make sure the unique timer is working correctly. Another contribution that turns out to be the most significant (and noticeable) is his monetary donation to the annual Student Silent Auction. Monies collected at the Silent Auction are designated for student activities. Every year Jerry donates substantial sums to “bump up” the sales of auction items and often gives those items to colleagues – never to find their way home in Jerry’s bag!

For all these supportive activities Jerry Corsaut provides to GCFI, the GCFI Board of Directors agreed to establish the ’The Jerry Corsaut Student Activities Fund’ (JC-SAF) at the 2019 annual GCFI meeting. The purpose of the JC-SAF is to provide an option to GCFI members or agencies to support undergraduate and graduate student activities beyond bidding on items at the annual silent auction. Monies contributed to this fund are tax deductible as permitted by law, and will be used for the annual student social at the GCFI meeting, for travel expenses by student award winners to give an oral or poster presentation at the annual GCFI meeting, or for other GCFI-related student activities as approved by the GCFI Student Awards Committee.

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