About the Gladding Memorial Award

The Gladding Memorial Award was established in 2004 in honor of Peter Gladding, a commercial fisher who was responsible to a great extent for the protection of Riley’s Hump, an important mutton snapper spawning aggregation in the region of the Dry Tortugas. Each annual award recognizes a commercial fisher in the region who, through example, demonstrates a long-term conservation ethic. Each recipient is selected by a GMA subcommittee composed of several GCFI trustees and one or more past recipients of the award. Fishers from around the Gulf of Mexico and the wider Caribbean Basin are eligible for the award. As of 2020, 22 individuals including 2 women from 16 countries have received the award. More information about the Gladding Memorial Award is available here

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This short film “At Sea Level” is a perfect representation of the Fisheries for Fishers Initiative and includes several GMA winners