GCFI Ocean Innovation Award

Innovative Solutions for Changing Seas

The Ocean Innovation Award will support projects based on innovative and creative approaches to improve the sustainability of living marine resources and create healthy oceans in the wider Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean regions. The award will focus on supporting new professionals and students in the development of innovative approaches that improve science and increase management effectiveness. Everything is on the table. For example, the OIA may fund innovations for developing more efficient survey and monitoring programs, improved data collection, recovery and use of historical data, advances in methodologies and analytical tools, new approaches for linking science and management to address stakeholder needs, and responding to impacts from a changing climate. The only requirement is that the project is solution-based.

Institutions, organizations and, in rare cases, individuals, are eligible to apply for the award whether they work directly on marine issues or have specific competencies in pre-identified priorities. For example, engineering departments in a university may have the ability to address a specific issue with skills that may not be normally associated with marine science departments.

Requests for proposals will be issued annuallydditional funds become available. Applications will be reviewed by an OIA committee comprised of GCFI Board members, funders, and experts in the relevant fields. The committees will identify the Ocean Innovation theme topics for this award, distribute a Request for Proposals, evaluate the proposals, and fund selected projects. Heavy weight will be placed on innovation. A very short application will be required and the proponents of proposals selected for consideration will have the opportunity to present their ideas within a ‘GCFI Shark Tank’ format over AdobeConnect. GCFI may choose to withhold the selection of an annual award if no proposal meets the program objectives.

This Ocean Innovation Award is sponsored in part by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in partnership with GCFI. For more information please contact GCFI Ocean Innovations Award email .