2016 Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Professional Development Program

“Building Capacity through Scientific Exchange”

2016 Training Program

We are pleased to offer Caribbean-based fisheries and ocean resource professionals a training opportunity at the University of Florida, USA. The successful candidate will be hosted by Florida Sea Grant, a statewide program that supports fisheries and ocean research and extension. The four-month training will focus on one of the following topics identified by applicants: (1) fisheries management and policy, (2) fisheries stock assessment, (3) data analysis methods or (4) Geographic Information Systems.

This opportunity is not open to students

The successful candidate will be matched with Florida Sea Grant-affiliated faculty whose expertise aligns with their professional interests. The selected candidate will apply knowledge gained to advance an ongoing or proposed project of their choosing that is related to a fishery management need identified by their resource management ministry or government agency. At the conclusion of the four-month training the selected candidate will report progress made toward meeting the identified fisheries management need at a University of Florida fisheries and aquatic sciences seminar.

The Award

The award will include lodging and a stipend of $2,000 US per month for four months ($8,000 US). Round trip airfare for the successful candidate also is included. The candidate will be responsible for acquiring a visa, mandatory health insurance coverage and living expenses.

Important Dates

Application opens: April 11, 2016

Application deadline: May 20, 2016

Award notification: June 10, 2016

Program starts: August 15, 2016

Program ends: December 18, 2016

Award Requirements

Applicants must be employed by a resource management ministry or government agency located in the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean region. This includes all island nations up to Bermuda, central and south American countries from Mexico south to Columbia, CRFM member states, and US Territories in the Caribbean. At a minimum, applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree or a professional degree (e.g., Law) from an accredited college or university. Candidates must be fluent in English.

This opportunity is not open to persons residing in the continental United States.

Program Sponsors

Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism
Sea Grant
Sea Grant Puerto Rico
The Billfish Foundation
University of Florida

Florida Sea Grant; The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism; The Billfish Foundation; the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute. This announcement also may be found at www.flseagrant.org or www.GCFI.org

Application Parts

Please format your application in English according to the following six (A-F) sections.

A. Contact information

Please provide your

  • Full name
  • Full mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

B. Job status

Please describe your current job and professional interests (250-500 words).

C. Training interests

Please describe an ongoing project or propose a project that you would like to develop and explain how the implementation of that project would benefit from your participation in this training opportunity. Specify the skills you would like to gain. (500-1,000 words).

D. Letter of Endorsement

Please include a letter of endorsement from an individual who is familiar with your professional status and accomplishments.

E. Educational Achievements

Please include a scanned image of your Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D., or Please include a scanned image of your Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D., or other professional degree (e.g., Law) from an accredited university or college.

F. Professional Accomplishments

Please provide a current resume. Your resume should highlight additional relevant education, experiences, publications and/or reports, honors and/or awards.

Submitting Your Application

  • All six sections (A-F above) of the application must be labeled, scanned, combined in order and emailed in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF file) to Florida Sea Grant c/o Dr. Charles Sidman ([email protected]).
  • Applications must be complete. Partial applications will not be accepted.
  • Florida Sea Grant will confirm receipt of applications via email at the time they are received.
  • Please direct questions regarding this opportunity to Florida Sea Grant c/o Dr. Charles Sidman ([email protected]) or to the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism c/o Dr. Susan Singh-Renton ([email protected]).

Please follow these instructions carefully when preparing your application

Evaluation Criteria & Selection Process

A panel consisting of program sponsors will evaluate applications according to the following criteria.

  • Quality of your response to training interests (application section C) – 50%
  • Strength of the letter of endorsement (application section D) – 20%
  • Educational and professional accomplishments (application sections E, F) – 30%

Please follow these instructions carefully when preparing your application