Nature Foundation investigates worrying situation of the Great Salt Pond

Fwd: [Comunicaciones-SVE:847] Resumen de correo con resúmenes de - 3 actualizaciones en 3 temas

Fwd: ENB Vol. 25 No. 119 - Preparatory Meeting for the Ocean Conference - Summary & Analysis

Fwd: [EBM Tools] EBM Tools Webinar: Microplastics: What we know and research needs, April 13 at 1 pm US EDT/10 am US PDT/5 pm UTC

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GIZ Oceans and Coasts Newsletter, February 2017

Caribbean Geografia Blog page


Rutgers & CCMI 4 Credit Coral Reef Internship Opportunity

Interesting webinars for the CaMPAM network members.

Fwd: [GCFINET] Goliath Grouper Protection Must Continue

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Isomorphic mimicry ... or the challenge of the empty organogram!

Fwd: [EBM Tools] EBM Tools Webinar: Implications of spatial connectivity and climate change for the design and application of MPAs, March 9 at 1 pm US EST/10 am US PST/6 pm UTC

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Fwd: New paper - Leatherback ecotourism in St Kitts!

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Fw: Marine Protected Areas Connections Newsletter January 2017

Fwd: OpenChannels Literature Update | Marine Reserve Targets to Sustain and Rebuild Unregulated Fisheries

Fwd: Fwd: Announcement of NOAA Federal Funding Opportunity for FY 2017 Coastal Resilience Grants

Seeking information on climate change impacts to Caribbean mangroves

WWF Reforestation Grants

Recordando a Isaias Majil

Correct Web Address of Proges Consulting - EBM-DSS Caribbean Project

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Loss and Damage in the Caribbean

Re: Isaias Majil: a conservation champion

Isaias Majil: a conservation champion

Fwd: [GCFINET] Conchservation Campaign releases new musical PSA

Fwd: CBD COP-13 Cancun Event Spotlight

Symposium "Ridges-to-Reefs: Large-scale Approaches to Sustainable Coral Reef Ecosystem Management" See below message from Mathew Johnson

Free webinar to present a Technical and Economic Feasibility Study of using Sargassum for Anaerobic Digestion: Wednesday 25 January, 11:00 Eastern Time

Fwd: [EBM Tools] EBM Tools Webinar: Impact Investing to Fund Marine Conservation, February 22 at 1 pm US EST/10 am US PST/6 pm UTC

Economic Valuation of Bahamian Marine Protected Areas

New publications on lionfish, coral nurseries, coral reef early warning, etc

Fwd: [GCFINET] New Book: The Oceanographer's Companion

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Youth Poetry Contest - Marine Conservation

Publication: A reef's manager guide to fostering community stewarsdhip

Fwd: [Comunicaciones-SVE:826] Resumen de correo con resúmenes de - 5 actualizaciones en 5 temas

Re: 3-D ocean data used to delineate ecological marine units (EMUs) in the oceanic realm

Save the Date: IGM/COP Meetings of the Secretariat to the Cartagena Convention and Caribbean Environment Programme/ Reserva la Fecha: Reuniones IG y Partes Contratantes de la Secretaría al Convenio de Cartagena y el Programa Ambiental del Caribe/Gardez La Date: Réunions IG y Parties Contractantes du Secrétariat à la Convention de Cartagena et le Programme pour l'environnement des Caraïbes

CaMPAM reports and other new information posted in the website

Call for proposals for climate change projects

Fwd: [GCFINET] Save the Date! The Sixth International Marine Debris Conference (6IMDC)

Fwd: [GCFINET] Press Release: CRFM successfully implements EU-funded project helping to strengthen sanitary controls in the CARIFORUM fishery sector

Fwd: [EBM Tools] EBM Tools Webinar: Crowdsourcing small-scale fisheries data: A global initiative, January 25 at 1 pm US EST/10 am US PST/6 pm UTC

Fwd: X Congreso Internacional de Areas Protegidas en Cuba

Fw: Colorado State Univ Protected Area Mgt Short Courses 2017/Cursos Cortos sobre Gestion de Areas Protegidas U Estatal Colorado 2017

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